Samba as PDC w/ Exchange

Tomas Gasper TGasper at
Tue Sep 21 05:39:09 GMT 1999


I am trying to run Samba 2.0 on Linux kernel 2.0.36 as a PDC with Microsoft
Exchange running on a Windoze NT server in the domain.  All is well with
respect to the machine being in the domain and logging in as a domain user.
The problem I have is that whenever I try to map a  "Primary Windows NT"
account to an Exchange mailbox, the Exchange Admin program GPFs in a bad way
immediately after the "Add user" window pops up and before any domain users
are shown in the window.  (I can, however, see domain users in NT's User
Admin for Domains without problem) 

In some other utilities that use the seemingly general purpose "Add user or
group" window, there are always "predefined" users that NT seems to expect
to find in the domain, but can't such as "The Operating System", "The Owner
of the file", etc-These users are shown as "Account Unknown" with a hex
number shown such as "0000002", "0000004", etc. along with the description
of the non-existent user. 

Basically, what I'm wondering is whether I should, somehow, have predefined
users in my domain (perhaps through /etc/smbpasswd) that NT is expecting -
my guess is that Exchange can't gracefully handle the absence of some of
these assumed accounts so it GPFs.

Any ideas? 

Is anyone successfully running Samba as a PDC with Exchange?


Tomas Gasper
tgasper at <mailto:tgasper at> 

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