Samba as a PDC

Matthias Wächter matthias at
Sun Sep 19 00:43:52 GMT 1999

On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, Paul Mckenna wrote:

> You seem a little pissed off.. I would appriciate people who answered with
> OUT the stuck up "YOU SHOULD OF READ THIS" crap..

Come one! Read his mail. He says that each of your questions is answered
on the appropriate web site, and that's true. And he wants to point you to
the right place for your next 5 questions concerning PDC features. "Help
yourself" is not that bad kind of advice, I think, if someone tells you

Think of that: It was _YOUR_ first question, but others are members on the
list for a longer period of time and receive such mails more frequently
than you write them. And you're not the first one not knowing that PDC
features in Samba 2.0 are (a) not officially supported and (b) not by this

OK, to answer your questions in more detail:

1. Win2K is not supported by Samba 2. Win2K has a totally new concept of
network browsing, so don't expect it to be supported soon.

2. No, you don't have any benefit for Win2K if you upgrade. See 1.

3. Version of Samba: Just try "smbclient", it should show the version
number before the help text. Of course, you could also try "rpm -q samba"
to see the version number of Samba installed by Redhat's installation

> cause lets be honest the simple fact is that if people read EVERYTHING we
> wouldn't have any questions on this thing or atleast if there were
> questions, No one would be able to answer them. So i suggest you chill...
> take delight in the fact that you answered a question... and hope that
> someone still decides to answer your previous question without saying stuff
> like "if you read website you wouldn't of asked such a stupid question"

He said, if you (do) read website you get the answers. That's a difference
IMHO. Again, even if you decide not to read the the Samba NT-DOM FAQ, you
should at least read your personal mail carefully, especially when you
start flaming, especially when doing it publicly, especially if it's done
in a mailinglist you are new to.

Sehr Wus,
- Matthias

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