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Jan Kratochvil short at
Wed Sep 15 14:25:14 GMT 1999

>   Although it is not the exact error code we got (I don't have the access now
> to it), on:
>   is written:
>     4. Go to User Manager for Domains.
>     5. Click on Policies from the title bar menu, and select User Rights.
>     6. Select the option for Advanced User Rights.
>     7. In the drop-down list, verify that the following rights have been granted to the service account:
>      Act as part of the operating system
>      Back up files and directories
>      Log on as a service
>      Restore files and directories
>   But when User manager functionality is not yet implemented in Samba, is there
> any possibility to set it in Samba server itself (even in its sources if it
> is just tweaking some Samba tables).

  Sorry, please discard this section, it is not dependent on Samba and can be done
even with Samba as PDC as I remember now. I'm not NT-experienced, I've said it
once before. :-(

  And for example even this wasn't tried during the (two) test sessions but I'm
now rather sceptic to what can help, probably the best solution is really
Exchange reinstall.

							Jan Kratochvil

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