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Wed Sep 15 03:22:51 GMT 1999

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> Francesc Guasch said:
> >> The 2 have nothing to do with each other.  Exchange is e-mail,Samba is
> >> Print/File server that can also act as a PDC.
> >
> >Yes, but when users read mail from the server need to validate
> >their account. The MS Exchange Admin told me the
> >users validate in a NT domain. As samba can act as NT domain
> >I wonder if that could work.
> They have to validate against a PDC when they log in.  If Exchange requires 
> authentication beyond login *and* it does that authentication against a PDC, I 
> don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.  

  We've tried this and FAILED. I can't say that we've already tried all the
possibilites but although all the network was integrated seamlessly we just
can't use it yet due to not to be able to shift Exchange from NT-driven
domain to Samba-driven domain (with about 14 days old CVS od HEAD).

  Exchange simply doesn't start - it originally used some account ("Logon as" of
the service parameters) from the NT domain but it is not able to use such
account from Samba domain. I don't know whether it would help to reinstall it
from scratch but simple move from NT to Samba domain just isn't as simple as it
looks. And yes, we've played with various group names, even patching Samba
for new group SIDs, adding Samba users (and "Everybody") to various administrative
rights in Exchange setup etc. And always it fails to start properly.
Although several services of it will start, the "Information storage manager"
just can't cope with it. It maybe has to do something with existing file
ownership assigned to users of the old NT-driven domain. Would it be possible
to Samba act as NT server by using the same user SIDs that no client would
notice the change? I have found that simply naming the domain by the same
name isn't sufficient, probably SID of the domain takes into the play.

  Please can someone who successfuly joined Exchange server to Samba domain
send me a mail? I promise that I'll post the summary - just trying to prevent
a mass of e-mails in 'me too' style - either positive or negative.

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