Printing from for NT Samba 2.1 prealpha

Dave.Stevenson at Dave.Stevenson at
Tue Sep 14 09:51:04 GMT 1999

Is there any way to force the printer handling under 2.1prealpha to behave 
as per 2.0 Samba? ie fall back to LANMAN ports for printing. 
(I am using the PDC bits of 2.1 for logins, profiles , groups etc.)

The NT printer handling , while promising, causes me spooler crashes on
NT4 Workstation when I try to install printers that involves driver downloads
and doesn't refresh the print queue display except when a job is submitted so
it would be useful to be able to force a working print system while tinkering
with the new bits. 

Also, was attempting to use smbclient to access default shares on NT4 workstation
so I could "pre load" some drivers as a workaround and found that the only way I
could access the shares was by making  DOMAIN_NAME/Administrator a member
of the Administrators local group on the wrkstation. Is this really required?
Since I was using the Samba server as the authenticator, domain controller etc.
I naively thought that the workstation would have some implied trust of the server
or am I , as I suspect , missing something. 
(groups etc setup as per NTDOM FAQ 4.3.1)


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