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"Westermann, Torsten; (839); IUK" wrote:
> Hello Norman!
> I m so sorry for my delay in replying to your mail.
> Please make these changes in your smb.conf
> and please after you have made these changes
> send me your log.nmb and log.smb:
> add in the global section:
> keepalive = 15
> deadtime = 5
> change the following parameter:
> log level = 1 (or later 2)
> os level = 65
> level2 oplocks = no (no is default)
> Best Regards
> Torsten Westermann
> E-Mail.: westermann at
> WWW:
> Tel.:  06131/990-153
> Fax.: 06131/990-201
> Institute of Microtechnology Mainz
> 55129 Mainz
> Germany
> Oh my god, my english....... :-)
> P.S. Antwort == Answer

I have made those changes, and I think that one of my workstations may
be a real pain in the backside.  For some strange reason, it is making
many connections back to the server during dead times (they were most
notable at night time, when no one was here working).  I hve made a
level 3 log with it and with another workstation that does not suffer
from this problem, and I have included them, along with a log.smb and
and log.nmb (all of these logs were taken in about a 10 minute time
span, if I remember correctly).  I have noticed that in the nmb log
that for some reason, this one machine is constantly trying to make
itself a local master (why, I have no idea).  It is on a different
subnet (55 vs my 57), but I have it pointing to this server as
the WINS server.  Also, in the log.angel (that is the pain machine),
file, there seems to be instances where it will completely disconnect
from the IPC$ services, then go through some wierd re-initialization
periods, while the other machine (log.godfather), calmly yields the
services and connections that are idle (like netlogon and profile).
Most of the systems do the nicer, except this angel machine.  Now, this
is completely interesting, when I do an smbclient to angel, I get
back.  No shares, no services, no domain, nothing.  It gives back all
nulls.  Now, when I check another machine on that subnet (it is on a
55 subnet, I am on a 57), I get back all the information about that
machine and shares, and it is very responsive, while the angel machine
hangs for periods of time (about 20 - 30 seconds).  It even hung trying
to locate the machine for about 15 seconds.  When I checked workstation
NSXTACY on the 55 network, I found that it was found quickly, but
responded a little bit slowly, and it returned that the master of the
domain that it was part of was ANGEL, not the server LITHE, as it should
have been.  Is this some problem with the fact that these systems
are across subnets?  The other wierd thing that I see from time to time
across the subnets is that when my partner is logged into NSXTACY, it
will all of the sudden, after some period of time, start making
to LITHE (server) and all of the sudden, any drive letter that is not
being used is being attatched to the [pub] services and also to my
home directory.  He has full control of my files all of the sudden.  
And he has a persistent connection from ANGEL.  This is all very
Something that I have not worked with is the remote announce settings,
there something in here that I should change?  

Sorry for the length of this message, but as you can see, these problems
are very much troubling.  It causes the logs to start to overfill from
connections and causes the network to start to slow down, not to mention
the possible security risks involved...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Norman Weathers
Technology Coordinator ETS
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

phone: (501) 575-3553 or (501) 575-4344
email: nweathe at or norman at

"It's not that I 'prefer' to do this without an NT server.... I 
just 'prefer' to do it where it will work..."
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