Browsing a Samba server on NT

Rafał Szcześniak rfs at
Wed Sep 8 19:50:54 GMT 1999

David Chamizo wrote:
> Ron-
> If you cannot browse or 'net use', it must be related to a WINS issue. If
> you are running Samba as a domain controller, set 'domain master=yes' (make
> sure this is the only station maintaining a browse list!). Also, under the
> WINS section, add the IP address of your Samba DC (wins server =
> Hope this helps,
>   - dave

and also check if you got enough 'os level' because it "helps" to
win every (or most of) election in your network.

greetings :-)

> At 04:44 AM 9/9/99 +1000, Ron E Sinsley wrote:
> >Has anyone else had issues trying to browse their Samba server's NT
> >domain (Samba as a Domain controller) with a WinNT 4.0 workstation?  We
> >can not even use the net use command on those machines that can not
> >browse; the usual error we receive is "System error 53 has occurred."
> >Some NT machines can see the domain fine and connect to the server but
> >others can't.  Some one had suggested adding machine names to the
> >password file, but I don't understand why some machines would connect
> >and others don't.  We have the encrypted password option set to YES in
> >the smb.conf.  We also have added the users name and password, which
> >matches their  domain account password, to the smbpasswd file.  Any
> >educated guesses or experience with this issue?
> >
> >Ron Sinsley
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> >Systems Analyst I
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