Browsing a Samba server on NT

Ron E Sinsley Ron.E.Sinsley at
Wed Sep 8 18:39:10 GMT 1999

Has anyone else had issues trying to browse their Samba server's NT
domain (Samba as a Domain controller) with a WinNT 4.0 workstation?  We
can not even use the net use command on those machines that can not
browse; the usual error we receive is "System error 53 has occurred."
Some NT machines can see the domain fine and connect to the server but
others can't.  Some one had suggested adding machine names to the
password file, but I don't understand why some machines would connect
and others don't.  We have the encrypted password option set to YES in
the smb.conf.  We also have added the users name and password, which
matches their  domain account password, to the smbpasswd file.  Any
educated guesses or experience with this issue?

Ron Sinsley
Systems Analyst I
(913) 323-4779

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