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Tue Sep 7 22:50:25 GMT 1999

On Wed, Sep 08, 1999 at 03:15:07AM +1000, Thomas Heiligenmann wrote:
> Why granting permissions on local files directly to domain users (and
> admins) ? I think it's easier and keeps things clearer to add domain
> users/admins to local groups and then granting permissions to this
> groups, something like:
> net localgroup Users "your_domain\Domain Users" /add
> net localgroup Admins "your_domain\Domain Admins" /add
> ..
> echo j| CACLS c:\your_path /T /C /G Users:C Admins:F
> .. etc. whatever you like

thats an interesting idea, but leads me to another problem. I dont have any groups on domainside cause I dont know how to define it in
smb.conf. the suggested 
domain group map,local group map,domain user map  - parameters does not work any more in 2.05a. and there is no
documentiation for the new announced  domain admin users, domain groups ....

for now 
net localgroup /domain
just leads into an error-message.


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