Publisher and Samba 2.0.5a

Norman Weathers norman at
Tue Sep 7 15:45:42 GMT 1999

Hello, everyone.

Just have a question about Publisher 97 and samba version 2.0.5a.
I have that version running on a RedHat 6 server, Gateway 2000
PII 266 with 64 M Ram.  I have a public directory setup so that
our office people can share some important files.  In this directory,
there is a series of Publisher 97 files.  Now, here is the problem.
Usually, an our Office worker account owns these files.  Recently,
one of my directors needed to edit one of the publisher files.
The permissions on all of the files where 766, so everyone had
read and write permissions.  Then, all of the sudden, the file that
he was working on wouldn't allow him to save the file back to the
pub directory.  First, it gave him a message about the disk being
full (I checked, I have quota's enabled, and the Office worker 
account, which owns that file, had about 80 M of usable quota, and
the disk itself has about 1.5 G free).  Then, it said something about
not being able to read the file (S:\UB Transcripts\  
Well, he closed down publisher, went back in, and it would allow
him to open, edit, but once again, not save back to pub.  Again,
some problem about not being able to read the file.  I have looked
into his log, and it seems like maybe publisher is having some
problems with temp files that it is trying to make.  Not exactly
for sure, but I have included the log as an attatchment (gziped).
Is this a known problem with publisher, or have I done something
stupid on the system administration end of things?

Any helps, comments, suggestions, relaxing drink mixtures would
be greatly appreciated at this time.  Thanks in advance.


Norman Weathers
Technology Coordinator ETS
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

phone: (501) 575-3553 or (501) 575-4344
email: nweathe at or norman at

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