Printing for NT

Dave.Stevenson at Dave.Stevenson at
Tue Sep 7 13:29:13 GMT 1999

Does the 2.1pre-alpha printing work OK for NT? - Having trawled the NTDOM archive
and checked out all the docs I can find without success, I'm gleaning info from the
source code about how to get this to work..with partial success.
 If you're porting it, presumably you have a pretty good notion of how samba needs to be configured 
to work.
  Is this documented anywhere? 

Willing to test printer stuff if it would help.

Current samba systems

system 1 - production -Running pre alpha 2.0 (aug 98) under Sol2.6 on Ultra10 with mix of 
DOS6.22(yes DOS)/Win3.11/Win95/NT4SP3 clients - Samba as PDC
(approx 100 users) - v. stable

system 2 - Running pre alpha 2.1 of 3-9-99 under Solaris2.6 on Sparc10 as a development system
again Samba as PDC

both compiled from source with gcc compiler 2.8.1

many printers, mainly postscript HP networked with JetAdmin

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