(URGENT) Problems loggin in

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Sat Sep 4 11:46:27 GMT 1999

> Jason Lam wrote:
>      Restore the original domain SID
>      Remove the domain client from the domain and rejoin.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> My first question is, how do I do the above?  Please be as detailed as
> possible, rebooting the wks doesn't seems to help.

The domain SID on a Samba PDC is stored in the same directory 
as the smbpasswd file.  The filename under 2.0.x is MACHINE.SID.

You should replace or edit this with the original MACHINE.SID.
You could possible get this value on one of the client NT 
Workstations by digging through the SAM.

> Second problem is with the IP, since I changed the IP of the samba
> server. It seems that there are problems with samba when the server IP
> has changed. I did went into the /var/lock/samba and deleted EVERY
> files in that directory. However, it still doesn't seems to help, when
> I do "smbclient -L SERVER" it is still trying to get to the old ip
> rather than the new ip and therefore no route to host. Anyone have a
> solution to this?

Are you using WINS servger?   Did you clean this out as well?


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