win 95b, win 95, encrypted passwords

Wayne Fool wfool at
Fri Sep 3 17:41:13 GMT 1999

I am confused about this password issue, I have samba 2.0.5a running on
a 486/dx2/66 as a print server for 3 computers, one is a win 95b and the
other is a win 95 (pre b), the other is a dos computer (but that is
another story, I'll tackle that one later).

My network administrator says I must use encrypted passwords so I have
used them.  The win 95 b computer works fine, but the win 95 (pre b)
doesn't see the printserver.  I can ping from the linux computer to the
win95 (pre b) computer and vice versa, but in windows 95 it doesn't show
up in network neighborhod and a find computer "PSERV" gets me a not
found.  All the computers are on the same domain, with the same IP and
subnet.  I am guessing that the win 95(pre b ) computer doesn't like
encrypted passwords.  Can I do anything about that?  Thanks.

BTW I hope this is the right list, but I didn't have another address.
If not could you refer me to the right list.  Thanks

Best Regards,

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