problems with samba 2.1.0-prealpha

Fri Sep 3 11:51:09 GMT 1999


Sorry if I'm wrong (and for my English) but :
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	because my samba 2.0.4b wasn't able to act as pdc,
	i've downloaded the newest version of samba from
	the cvs tree.
I have set up my Samba 2.0.5a as a PDC and it works.

	but now, i'm not able to use swat. when i try to log
	in as root with the correct smb-password, i get
	access denied.
I have had the same problem after a re-install of Samba 2.0.5a and it was
working before with the pre-alpha...I haven't the solution but I have set
the option -a for swat in my inetd.conf. Everyone can access swat and it is
in " demo mode " so I can't change the password (?!) but it works for the
	also i can't set "domain admin group" in the smb.conf-file,
	because it is an unknown variable for samba 2.1.0-prealpha.

	There is no more domain admin group in the pre-alpha but you can
perhaps make the same with the maps (domain users, domain group...) ?

	are these errors caused by a misconfiguarion or by
	the prealpha stadium of my samba version ? if it
	is caused by the version, where can i get the
	newest final cvs version of samba ?

	thanks for the help

	Hope this helps....

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