NT Login to Samba PDC

Matthias Wächter matthias at waechter.wol.at
Fri Sep 3 07:51:54 GMT 1999

On Fri, 3 Sep 1999, Carlos Palminha wrote:

> Hi,ppl!!
> I'm trying to login a NT Workstation 4.0 (SP3) to the Samba (2.0.5a)
> Controlled Domain using
> UNIX plain text passwords (non-encrypted). (Yes, i'ved added the key
> EnablePlainTextPassword to the NT register)
> The machine account is created ( xpto$:xxxxxx:xxx:xxx:... ) in
> /etc/passwd and my smb.conf is :

Look into the DOCs, it does not work. If you want to have a domain, forget
that there is an option "encrypt passwords = No" and that there is
something like a registry hack for NT to enable this on the client side,
because the latter only affects client logons, not logon of the machine
itself (which is necessary for the domain trusts), so the machine wants
to encrypt its logon which fails on Samba's side. If you want to have a
domain, you _do_ need the smbpasswd file (or LDAP) with encrypted
passwords. No way 'round it. No, never.

Sehr Wus,
- Matthias

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