UNIX File Ownership with Samba preexec

David Bannon D.Bannon at latrobe.edu.au
Thu Sep 2 23:11:51 GMT 1999

At 02:37 AM 03/09/1999 +1000, Burt Avery wrote:

>Using this root preexec command......  The directories are
>built but they are owned by user nobody and group sys.
>In my humble experience using Digital UNIX i never encountered a username
>nobody. Does it have a special significance to the way AIX controls Samba?

My DEC Unix has a 'nobody' :

> f nobody
Login name: nobody                      In real life: anonymous NFS user
Directory: /
Never logged in.
No Plan.

I assign the guest account to 'nobody' in smb.conf :

   guest account = nobody

Maybe that has something to do with your situation. Lots of systems other
than NFS use 'nobody' when they need a user who has almost no general

>I guess my "root" question is:  should the smbd daemon be running as root...

Certainly. It runs as root and then changes to appropriate user depending
on what it is doing at the time. Maybe it drops back to 'nobody' when
unsure of who it should be ?

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