security = server and valid users

David Zanetti Zanett2D at
Thu Sep 2 21:59:11 GMT 1999

On Thursday, September 02, 1999 10:14 PM, Greg Dickie wrote:
> On 02-Sep-99 David Zanetti wrote:
> > My assumption (which is clearly wrong! :) ) would be that I could
> > force user = x to override the need for a local unix account - all
> > operations would be done by the forced user, and all the
> > is being done with the remote NT server. Does this make any sense?
Is it
> > supposed to _always_ require a local user even when being forced and
> > local authorisation is taking place?
> Definitely not if you use: 
> guest ok=yes
> force user=guest

Hmmm.. I tried it but it still required the authenticated user had a
local account. Account can be null (can't login, broken password etc)
but it had to be there. Any other ideas? :)

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