NT ws looses privileges

Thomas Heiligenmann thomas.heiligenmann at t-online.de
Wed Sep 1 16:41:33 GMT 1999

AFAIK Domain Admins have no local admin privileges on a local NT wks by
default. Login on your NT workstation as _local_ admin user and add the
Domain Admins to the local Administrators group using the local User
Manager. I think this should do the trick.


Oscar Sanchez wrote:

> Hi
> I am sure the answer is documented, but I could get the solution trying
> several "settings" and different
> versions on samba.
> I have created a domain with samba 2.0.3-8 over Linux Redahat 6.0.
> W95/98 and NT servers works fine, but a NT WS after joining the domain
> has loose all the privileges from the local/domain users with admin
> provileges. So no way to reach admin privileges in this local machine.
> When I set up a administrator in the domain using
> admin users = username in the smb.conf this username can modify
> everything in the shares, but I can't reach admin privileges on the
> local machines.
> Any idea on how to setup a Domain Administrator so I can reach
> provileges again?
> Any hint will be really welcome.
> Thanks for any help.
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