Adding NT4 to Samba Domain

Greisberger Christophe greisby at
Sun Oct 31 00:00:51 GMT 1999

> May I renew my vote for renaming this parameter's various options to more
> descriptive ones?

Well, when a newbie sees "security=domain", he don't (well, let's say *I* didn't)
think further, and concludes it's for domain PDC.

It would perhaps not be necessary to rename the parameter options, but the Samba
NT domain FAQ should be slightly modified to add a BIG warning on
There should also be a precise FAQ on how to configure Samba for the different
domain modes (stand alone PDC, PDC with NT server for authentification, and
domain member).

To configure mine, I had to look at different non FAQs, and it was not
enough (none of them discussed about "security=").


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