Date mismatch for files copied from a PDC or BDC

Peter Köhler koehler at
Fri Oct 29 17:51:11 GMT 1999

After realizing that my problem was not related to a PDC or
BDC but to the source being an NTFS system I checked the
technical discussion lists once more and found the solution
in setting "nt smb support = no" as indicated by
Michael C. Povel (June 22, 1999).

Nevertheless I find it strange that such a serious bug found
its way into 2.0.5a (released on July 21) - at least the
default setting should have been "no".

Peter Koehler

> Hello,
> I am a new member of this mailing list and -- quite naturally --
> I come with a problem. I have posted the message below to the
> bug tracking system (on Oct. 21) but up to now I have not yet
> received any response. I hope, however, that someone of this
> mailing list can offer some help:
> > We are using Samba in a NT Domain with a NT 4.0 PDC
> > and a NT 3.51 BDC and many NT workstations.
> >
> > When trying to update a Linux Samba Server
> > (Kernel 2.0.36) from 1.9.18p3 to 2.0.5a we noticed that
> > files copied from the PDC or BDC to the Samba server
> > were given the access date (from the origin) instead of the
> > modify date. Files copied from another Samba server (1.9.18p3)
> > or an NT workstation (4.0) however were given the correct
> > date.
> >
> > The Samba Server was integrated into the NT domain and was
> > configured with "security = domain".
> > (This is not the "dos filetimes" problem, since the atuhenticated
> > user and the file owner was the same.)
> Peter Koehler
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