Anonymous remote registry reads (fwd)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Fri Oct 29 15:54:34 GMT 1999

On Thu, 28 Oct 1999, Caleb Harris wrote:

> Luke -
> 	Once again, thank you very much!  I got the CVS snapshot, and
> everything works, almost.  :)  
> 	I have a key that I can't access, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT... rpcclient
> tells me it's an unrecognized key name.  I tried HKCR, and HKEY_CLASSES
> and HKEY_ROOT, along with their various possible abbreviations.  No luck.

didn't know about that key.  oops.  damn.  hmm... i need to run that
through netmon.  be a couple of minutes...

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