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Matthias Wächter matthias at
Wed Oct 27 21:50:36 GMT 1999

On Thu, 28 Oct 1999, James W. Beauchamp wrote:

> In addition, whenever an NT40 user logs in to the domain successfully, their
> shortcuts no longer work.  i.e. they point to the correct executables
> (excel, word, etc. being served peer to peer from another windoze 95 box)
> but I get the message that '\\at2\appl\excel.exe was not found and is needed
> to execute \\at2\appl\excel.exe'  Is this related to the fact that samba is
> not controlling access to this resource and somehow is preventing it?  Or is
> there something else I am missing about providing users access to resources
> not on the Linux box.

This is not a problem of Samba, it's a problem of NT4. For every link, it
not also stores the path\filename (what you can see in File->Properties
for the link), but also the "flat" origin of that file. This includes the
Computer Name, the Disc Name, Share Name and so on. This is to "help"
Windows find files moved a little bit or to find files from disks with
just their drive letter renamed.

When logging in from another workstation, these links are tried to be
resolved against the _original_ computer... well, Microsoft Logic. If the
resource is available (f.e. you are a domain admin and you can access
\\oldcomp\c$), this drive is mapped and all links are changed
automatically. Well done, MS guys. The mess is total now.

Only way 'round that: There is a MS Knowledgebase article about this
topic. Search for "LinkResolveIgnoreLinkInfo" to find more info on that.

General solution: Enter the following value to all of your NT's
registries (or by using PolEdit):

$ cat DontFollowLinks.reg

Note: This value can only be entered when logged on as a local
administrator (f.e. domain admin).

Sehr Wus,
- Matthias

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