Strange Login Problem

James W. Beauchamp jbeauchamp at
Wed Oct 27 16:05:29 GMT 1999

I am running Redhat 5.2 with Samba 2.05a set up to act as a PDC and
authenticate logins from win9x and nt40 machines.  My Redhat box is also an
internet gateway for this lan via a dialup modem.  I am using the
'request-route' method for initiating a dialup connection whenever someone
wants an address not on the local lan.  I am not running a local DNS.  Samba
is running as a WINS server (WINS support = yes).

My problem is as follows:
Whenever someone initiates a domain login, the login won't complete until
the modem dials out and connects!  Something is causing Linux to think it
needs to dial to the internet.  Any ideas on what may be causing this?

In addition, whenever an NT40 user logs in to the domain successfully, their
shortcuts no longer work.  i.e. they point to the correct executables
(excel, word, etc. being served peer to peer from another windoze 95 box)
but I get the message that '\\at2\appl\excel.exe was not found and is needed
to execute \\at2\appl\excel.exe'  Is this related to the fact that samba is
not controlling access to this resource and somehow is preventing it?  Or is
there something else I am missing about providing users access to resources
not on the Linux box.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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