Samba <==> Novell NDS / NDS4NT

Rick Day rick at
Wed Oct 27 05:30:46 GMT 1999

We have a site with normal authentication going through Novell NDS.  We
currently use fairly manual methods to synchronise a WinNT domain and a
couple of SCO Open Server boxen, both running Samba 2.0.3.   We use
"security = domain" so samba uses the WinNT PDC/BDCs for login
authentication.   I would like to move towards single login / single
authorising source and at this stage NDS looks to be the best for us.

Has anyone looked at setting up authentication for samba to NDS?

My thoughts are that I could use ldap to talk directly to NDS, or I could
install NDS4NT on the WinNT PDC/BDCs and, hopefully, not have to touch

Any thoughts or experience would be welcome.

Rick Day
Volandu Pty Ltd

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