newbie question

Ashish Lal lal at
Tue Oct 26 23:06:49 GMT 1999

I am new to the SAMBA suite.
I have installed RedHat 6.0 Linux OS on a Dell Pentium with the SAMBA
package (version 2.0.3). I have 2 NT 4.0 workstations (with service pack 4).
I would like to connect the 2 NT machines to the linux box so that I can see
all accounts on the linux box in the "Network Neighborhood" of NT machines.
How should I go about it? I read the "FAQ for Samba NT Domain PDC support"
and tried out the suggested steps but it did not help. I see a
private/MACHINE.SID instead of private/SAMBA.SID. Also, when I try to access
the SAMBA domain from an NT machine (settings->control panel->network), I
see a message "The domain controller for this machine cannot be located".
Can someone guide me please?

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