"Path not accessible" from NT but not W95

Shannon Kelman shannon.kelman at usa.alcatel.com
Tue Oct 26 22:34:14 GMT 1999

   * I have a SAMBA server on subnet A, the PDC and WINS on subnet B,
     clients on subnet C.
   * SAMBA server is configured for remote announce to the PDC on subnet
   * nmblookup of the SAMBA server from subnet A resolves but nmblookup
     from subnet C does not
   * all clients (W95, NT, and UNIX) on subnet C can see the SAMBA
     server (via network neighborhood for W95 and NT, ping for UNIX)
   * W95 clients can access the SAMBA server by double clicking the
     server in the network neighborhood or entering the UNC in the run
   * NT clients receive "Path not Accessible" when double clicking the
     SAMBA server in the network neighborhood or using the UNC path
   * NT clients can access SAMBA by using \\IP address\sharename

My thought is that the NT clients are failing because they require an
authenticated RPC channel to communicate.  However, my attempts to join
the domain (yes, I followed the directions) have failed and I cannot
test this assumption.  I am using Samba 2.0.5a on Solaris 2.6.   Any
suggestions would be appreciated.

Shannon Kelman
IIS Admin, Alcatel USA

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