Anonymous remote registry reads

Caleb Harris charris at
Tue Oct 26 19:53:51 GMT 1999


I'm an intern at the SEC, and one of my tasks is to harden all of the NT
boxes on the SEC network.  I've been trying to go about this by using a
Perl script that compiles a list of all the currently connected NT boxes
and checks those computers for a certain registry key.  If that key is
found, or if the registry is not accessible, the script does nothing.  If
it is not found, a warning is displayed on the box stating that whoever is
using has 72 hours to contact the Security Group before the box gets
shutdown and restarted, and instructed to download and run the hardener,
whereupon it reboots again and the key is created.  

So far, I can compile the list of NT boxes.  :)  I've been having trouble
with rpcclient.  1)  I don't really know how do use it.  2)  I seem to be
getting a lot of ERR_noaccess's or ERR_invalidsid's.  The goal has been to
do all this anonymously, but I think I'm running into problems with access

So, anyone have a clue about what I should do here?  Any suggestions would
be greatly appreciated.



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