Internet-request on Domain-Logon

Mark Zimmerman mzimmer at
Mon Oct 25 14:25:08 GMT 1999

On Mon, Oct 25, 1999 at 08:18:38PM +1000, Daniel Jung wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using a Samba-server as PDC and logon-server.
> By the time I've noticed, my PDC dialing out to the internet on each
> Windows98-client domain-logon.
> Why does it do so?
> yours
> dj

If you are using diald for demand dialing, you probably need to adjust
the rules in your standard.filter so that it ignores netbios stuff.
Here is what I have:

# Keep netbios from holding us up.
ignore tcp tcp.source=tcp.netbios-ns
ignore tcp tcp.dest=tcp.netbios-ns
ignore tcp tcp.source=tcp.netbios-dgm
ignore tcp tcp.dest=tcp.netbios-dgm
ignore tcp tcp.source=tcp.netbios-ssn
ignore tcp tcp.dest=tcp.netbios-ssn
ignore tcp tcp.source=5190
ignore tcp tcp.dest=5190
ignore tcp tcp.source=2504
ignore tcp tcp.dest=2504

# ignore all netbios-ns broadcasts
ignore udp udp.source=udp.netbios-ns
ignore udp udp.dest=udp.netbios-ns
ignore udp udp.source=udp.netbios-dgm
ignore udp udp.dest=udp.netbios-dgm

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