cmi deodat deo31cmi at
Sat Oct 23 06:10:53 GMT 1999

sorry if this seems stupid...
I use a samba server with plain text password on a small net.
I need to connect to a larger nt4 net (with a different domain)
I have installed a second card in my server (only file server, nor pdc nor
such thing) and I can connect as well with my server (samba 2) and with the
nt4 server with my own win95 client, with plaint text passwrd activated.
However I can't connect from other win95 places (wrong passwd). It seems nt4
net use crypted passwd, but nt4 server accepts both crypted and non crypted
A try on samba was not successfull : if crypted passwd is installed, plain
text is no more recognised.
is that true, a difference between nt4 and samba or am I wrong?

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