Dear God I need help

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It's not terribly hard, just have a good read of the NTDOMAIN.txt,
DOMAIN_MEMBER.txt etc text files that with the Samba documentation. As far
as having NT Server as the PDC and still expecting Samba to be the
authenticator, you could be stretching the technology there. That's not
really the way it's supposed to work. As far as I know you will need to
mirror the userlist to the NT Server for things to work like that, as part
of being a PDC is really being a primary authenticator too.


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Hi there,

today my boss bought an NT-Server.
Now I have to implement the Server into Samba.
NTS as PDC and Samba as Fileserver and Printserver.
Authentication also with Samba.
Has anybody a smb.conf for me?
I don´t want to do it by myself.
Samba was great working and now...:-(


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