Password problems on winframe

Daniel Murray damurray at
Thu Oct 21 11:15:12 GMT 1999

I have an installation of  Samba 2.0.5a in order to setup shares  for
the home and departmental drives respectively.

 For some users  when attempting the mount the drives through a  
Winframe server at logon the system does not mount the drives and
asks   for a password to make the connection to a drive,
   Despite entering the Windows NT or server passwords the drives do
not  mount.

   On some occassions resetting the NT password seems to overcome the
   problem, also bouncing the smb daemons works.
   This is an intermittent problem which only happens on the winframe
   servers, and only
   happens for some users. The problem also corrects itself at times.
   When accessing the printers from lhrsys61 , the print server which
is  also running Samba, it also asks users for a password on some
   Obviously the users are already authenticated on the PDC and have
   entries in the password files for lhrsys0 & lhrsys61 (the print

   This has happened on previous versions of Samba too.
   Any ideas?

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