samba setup.exe rant part 2

Stephen Waters swaters at
Tue Oct 19 20:43:39 GMT 1999

> > No, I knew about this problem (it was a FQ for a while, it's
> > never been dismissed, at least not by the Samba Team :-).
> > I specifically tested this feature for the initial 2.0.x
> > release, it's one of the things that should be fixed with
> > using NT SMB support.
> oh, there it is.
> note, the faq entry seemed to blame the WinNT redirector, so i also
> tried the same thing on Win98 and Win95OSR/2. with a LFN directory i get
> this error: "Winzip self-extractor header corrupt. possible cause: bad
> disk or file transfer error." with a standard 8.3-compliant directory,
> WinNT/98/95 work like a charm.

this got me to thinking... so i opened up SWAT and checked my mangling
settings (which i hadn't initially thought to look at) and saw "mangled
names = no". i just changed that to "yes", committed changes, restarted
daemon, and now everything works peachy keen.

SO.. how about a note about this in 1) the FAQ, 2) the SWAT help text
for "nt smb support" and "mangled names", 3) the smb.conf manpage.

i believe my confusion about this is that the help text could be
construed as thinking that all LFNs will appear as 8.3 regardless of OS
platform. which isn't what i wanted so i disabled it. perhaps a note to
the effect of: 
""mangled names" affects whether 16-bit clients (e.g., Windows for
Workgroups or a 16-bit application like an InstallShield self-extracting
setup.exe) see a Long File Name or a mangled 8.3-compliant version of
the original filename".

just a thought,

stephen waters
internal sysadmin
amicus, inc.

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