NT passwd sync <---> Unix Passwd Sync

David Nagrosst nagrosst at email.njin.net
Tue Oct 19 15:38:59 GMT 1999

-what I want to do is have a NT domain, with a samba server in that

Win 95 workstations will be conecting to the domain....

There will be two NT machines, one a pdc and another bdc.

Another machine with linux and samba.

 If they change there passwd in the NT domain, I want it to change there

 passwd in the samba server..smbpasswd file and the system /etc/passwd

 It seems that this can be done, but with what modifications to samba,
 what samba code do I need.

-If they however do change there samba passwd, could it change there NT
 passwd as well.

 It doesn't seem this can be done, can it??

Any help would be appreciated,


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