Corporate Reactions to Linux (fwd)

Fredrik Norrman fredrik.norrman at
Mon Oct 18 20:15:25 GMT 1999

> you may be thinking of preferred master browser parameter, 
> which defaults
> to "auto".  this is different.
> this should ONLY be set on ONE system per 
> broadcast-isolated-subnet, where
> one system is any network-neighbourhood-aware system 
> INCLUDING samba and
> if you set PBM=yes then that system will _actively_ attempt, 
> constantly,
> to become the LMB.

Could that be why I have seen constant elections for browse 
masters on my local segment? 

Would that be the result from having two or more W95/98 boxes
with this option enabled?

Any option in Samba that would cause similar results/problems?

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