problems with smbpasswd (joining a SAMBA-Domain)

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Mon Oct 18 11:07:41 GMT 1999

If you're relying on measures like that to secure you, you're seriously
deluded. A system like Kerberos, where you don't even trust the network
wire, circumvents most of this.

In any case, this is way offtopic. The fact of the matter is that

"encrypted passwords = yes"

Is a *required* setting for a Samba PDC, and that's because of the nature of
the SMB protocol.


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On Mon, 18 Oct 1999, Murray Gibbins wrote:

> Thje best solution is to show people how to use 'ssh' or 'pgp', or
> better replace all win32 with Linux, then run it over a 'switch
> hub'.

.. one which is configurable to have only specified MAC addresses on
specified ports. Every currently available NIC's MAC address can be
reprogrammed, so this could be used on non-configurable Switching Hubs
let ports receive packets not destined to them and so being able to
some passwords (f.e. POP sessions).

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