Corporate Reactions to Linux (fwd)

Fredrik Norrman fredrik.norrman at
Fri Oct 15 13:58:16 GMT 1999

> > not configured with WINS? WINS should only stop you from passing
> > the boundaries of the local segment.
> other way round :-) WINS allows you to contact what you 
> should consider to
> be a "pseudo subnet" and the code in nmbd even reflects this!

Oops. That's what I meant ;-)

> > Well, win95 does not act as master browser by default. You have
> > to manually tell it to do so. Samba acts as a master browser
> > by default - that's the difference.
> no, win95 _does_ act as master browser: it's OS level is... 
> 2, i think.
> dos=0
> wfwg=1
> win95=2
> ntwksta=3
> ntsrv3.51=32
> ntsrv4.0=33
> therefore in a win95-only environ. win95 _can_ become the LMB.

Yup. But there is a parameter that you have to enable in W95 
before it does that. If this is not enabled (which is the default
behaviour), w95 will never try to become master browser.

W98 changed this to be enabled by default. But you have to have
file and print sharing installed.

> docs exist, i just need to get round to looking at it (i will probably
> need 2 clear weeks).

Can you give me a pointer to the doc? I may want to have a look at this :-)

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