Corporate Reactions to Linux (fwd)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Oct 14 18:30:40 GMT 1999

> > in samba? yes, i believe we do this.  however, you still 
> > cannot cater for
> > the case where the stupid user sets up a PDC without a WINS 
> > server entry
> > (wins server = yes) as they will take over the local subnet 
> > segment and
> > therefore disrupt login services on that local subnet.
> Can't you still search the local master browsers even if you are 

the LMB NetBIOS name is DOMAIN<1d>.  this is _only_ registered on the
local subnet(s) independently.

> not configured with WINS? WINS should only stop you from passing
> the boundaries of the local segment.

other way round :-) WINS allows you to contact what you should consider to
be a "pseudo subnet" and the code in nmbd even reflects this!

> > > Another thing to add to the wishlist - A misconfigured
> > > Samba box can screw up the browsing by incorrectly announcing 
> > > itself as Master Browser. The result - the samba box will
> > > only know about itself and 'network neighborhood' contains
> > > nothing but the poor misconfigured samba box.
> > > This seems to happen when WINS is not correctly configured.
> > 
> > yes.  it also happens with any other incorrectly configured 
> > SMB system,
> > where such systems are usually win95.
> Well, win95 does not act as master browser by default. You have
> to manually tell it to do so. Samba acts as a master browser
> by default - that's the difference.

no, win95 _does_ act as master browser: it's OS level is... 2, i think.


therefore in a win95-only environ. win95 _can_ become the LMB.

> > works on this one.  the very presence of the "SMB signing" 
> > data at the SMB
> > layer will cause Win95 to stop working, even with anonymous SMB
> > connections.  you need to install the "DFS Client 4.1" to get 
> > it to work
> > again.
> Have you implemented this signing yet?


> I thought it was poorly 
> documented.

docs exist, i just need to get round to looking at it (i will probably
need 2 clear weeks).


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