Having identical usernames and groupnames - problem

Kevin Myer kevin_myer at elanco.k12.pa.us
Thu Oct 14 17:25:18 GMT 1999


I've encountered a bit of a problem with using User Manager for Domains
and the way Samba looks up groups in LDAP.  Given the following scenario:

user account: business ed
groupname: business ed

When I attempt to click on the Business Ed Group in User Manager for
Domains, I get:

The following error occurred accessing the properties of the group
business ed:

The group name could not be found.

The group properties cannot be edited or viewed at this time.

And when I turn to my Samba logs, I see an LDAP search for
[(&(ntuid=business ed)(objectclass=sambaAccount))], which always returns
the user account and not the groupname.

However, when I do a search for another groupname, say one thats listed as
LMC, I first get a search on:


and then:


The latter is correct but why is Samba even looking at
objectclass=Sambaaccount items when I'm looking for

I suspect if I delete my business ed user account and then try to list the
group, it will succeed but why is Samba building its queries the way it

Have you come across this anywhere Ignacio?

Thanks for any input.


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