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c chamber cchamber at
Thu Oct 14 17:19:45 GMT 1999

Sorry if this is the wrong list for this question but hopefully someone here can answer...

I just downloaded the most recent cvs source code for samba.  configure went fine, but make is giving the following error

Linking bin/nmbd
libsmb/clientgen.o: In function `cli_establish_connection':
libsmb/clientgen.o(.text+0x5328): undefined reference to `prs_init'
libsmb/clientgen.o(.text+0x5389): undefined reference to `create_ntlmssp_resp'
libsmb/clientgen.o(.text+0x5399): undefined reference to `prs_link'
libsmb/clientgen.o(.text+0x546b): undefined reference to `prs_mem_free'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [bin/nmbd] Error 1   

Any ideas of what i'm missing/doing wrong?  Thanks for any replies!


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