mounting home-dir as user is restricted?!

Detlef Maurel maurel at
Thu Oct 14 15:20:39 GMT 1999


I installed Samba 2.0.3 which came with SuSE6.1. 
My problem is the following: 

When I type 

net use h: /home /yes

as domain-admin, it works, and I get my home-directory (/root)
own h:

If I try to do the same thing as a normal domain-user I only get
an error message like "Access Denied" Error Code 5. (Sorry, my NT
is German, and I don't know the English version).

But if I type 

net use h: \\pc3\homes /yes   (as user)

it works perfectly and I get my home-dir mounted on h:

any ideas?!

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