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Thu Oct 14 14:40:37 GMT 1999

Laurent Menu < at> writes:
>fricke at Team.OWL-Online.DE wrote:
>> is there an extension for samba to implement netatalk?
>There's a --with-netatalk parameter to ./configure, defined as "Include
>experimental Netatalk support".

Samba itself cannot act as an Appletalk server.  All the configure flag
does is cause samba to mirror file renames and deletes and directory
creation and deletion onto the secondary file used by netatalk that is
stored in the .AppleDouble subdirectory of every directory.  (Netatalk
needs a location to store the finderinfo and resource forks for Macintosh
files.  For a file "/path/to/foo" it stores that information in the file
"/path/to/.AppleDouble/foo".)  You still need netatalk itself to share
the files, this just lets samba keep the netatalk files in sync with
the real ones.

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