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Thu Oct 14 13:33:14 GMT 1999

I have recently installed RH 6.1 on two servers and am using Samba 2.0.5a
which comes with the distribution. I have joined the NT Domain successfully
(using the DOMAIN parameter) and can access both servers by calling the UNC
from the RUN box and using the browser. Others are added to the system with
an add user script and can access both systems. I can not however see either
of the systems in the browse list and they are grayed out in the server
manager application. I can not access a list of shares either from the
server manager app. The nt_acl, nt_smb, and nt_pipe support commands are all
set to yes. The browse list command is also set to yes. Actually, the
settings are identical to a previous setup that I had under RH 6.0 using
2.0.5a and did not have these problems. Am I missing a switch somewhere? Any
help will be appreciated.


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