Compiling problems HEAD-CVS linux-RH-5.2 kernel-2.2.10

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at
Thu Oct 14 09:18:19 GMT 1999

A few days ago someone sent a similar question compiling with-ldap. I
have the same problem with:
./configure  --prefix=/usr/local/etc/samba 
./configure --with-quotas --prefix=/usr/local/etc/samba --with-ldap

I tried with the CVS-HEAD (991009 and 991014), and the make says: 
libsmb/clientgen.o: In function `cli_establish_connection':
libsmb/clientgen.o(.text+0x4fa4): undefined reference to `prs_init'
libsmb/clientgen.o(.text+0x4ffd): undefined reference to
libsmb/clientgen.o(.text+0x5007): undefined reference to `prs_link'
libsmb/clientgen.o(.text+0x50af): undefined reference to `prs_mem_free'
make: *** [bin/nmbd] Error 1
also I found a warning:
Compiling libsmb/clientgen.c
libsmb/clientgen.c: In function `cli_get_string':
libsmb/clientgen.c:91: warning: passing arg 1 of `skip_string' discards
`const' from pointer target type
Any help?

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