[RFC] LDAP user management tools

Seth Vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Wed Oct 13 21:37:14 GMT 1999

> I'm in the process of building some tools
> for manipulating users in a Samba LDAP account
> backend.  This will mostly likely be ing Perl
> using the Mozilla::LDAP module.
> Here's the RFC...
> Right now, I have an quick and dirty script to upload 
> a smbpasswd file to the LDAP server.  My plan are to 
> also include tools for...
>    * add / deleting accounts
>    * enabling / disabling accounts
>    * setting passwords
as long as there is mention/functions available for setting both samba and
unix passwords(stored in an LDAP database) at set time.
>    * updating account information

> I know that I could just extend .../bin/smbpasswd, but
> writing the scripts in Perl would also allow for a Perl/TK
> GUI that could run on any platform for the most part (Windows, 
> Solaris, Linux, etc...)  This would basically be a Usrmgr 
> type interface with the headache of RPC and named pipes.
I think also that while it maybe wise to not extend smbpasswd it might
also be wise to consider supporting flat file writing (not just ldap
databases) so this tool can be used for smbpasswd file maintenence as

> What say everyone?  is there enough interest for this?
> >From my part of view the automation scripts come first
> and the GUI later.


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