smbclient -> nt problem....

Benjamin Hyatt benski at
Wed Oct 13 17:36:52 GMT 1999


Currently I'm running Amanda backup on Solaris 2.6, which is utilizing samba
(version 2.0.3) to connect to our NT systems for nightly backups.
One particuliar NT system backup always fails, and reports in it's event
Event ID 2006 "The server received an incorrectly formatted request from
Looking at Amanda's logs.. I see the error message "ERRDOS - ERRbadfile
opening remote file"

>From the Sun box, a simple... smbclient //NT_SYSTEM/C$ -W DOMAIN -U backup,
and I connect no problem.
When I try to do a copy of _any_ file, it will throw the "ERRDOS -
ERRbadfile opening remote file"

NT system is your standard Windows NT 4.0 server 4.0 w/ service pack 4.
Other NT systems don't report this event log error message, and get backed


Any help/ideas would be appreciated,



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