Corporate Reactions to Linux (fwd)

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Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

The default for an NT install of server is that if you choose PDC, it will
default as primary.

The problem here is WINS servers. Not samba, WINS. Samba can't do anything
about that, because

a) They can't change the WINS RFC
b) It was (I presume) an NT WINS server

The reason this wouldn't happen as easily with NT is because users don't
install Server because it's too expensive.

So, it's Samba's fault for being free software?


The *correct* solution has already been posted - you don't let users put
unauthorised (unsupervised) machines on the network. If you do, you're
endangering yourselves nineteen different ways already, a lot of them

a) User sets up a warez site on your network - YOU are responsible
b) porn
d) Open UNIX machine, with tcpdump installed...

The list goes on. Samba isn't at fault - the IT policy of the group in
question is.


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Why not make the Samba implementation be a better PDC, not just one that
works?  It's little 'features' like this that will get a corporate
to sign off on the unfamiliar.

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Isn't it possible to query the name first to see if it's registered
and add a "-force" flag to the startup with a BIG warning?  Could the
cache help?

And, since SAMBA is TCP/IP based can't we do a lookup and see if the
matches our IP address?  If this didn't match we should refuse to
(or maybe provide another force flag).

This would prevent the stupid mistake.  Default conditions should be
conservative to prevent dangerous behaviour.
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