Corporate Reactions to Linux (fwd)

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Mon Oct 11 15:42:31 GMT 1999

> I propose that Samba implements a solution this problem. It's
> not good to have it this way for a number of reasons.
> Simply refusing to start the PDC when there already exists
> a PDC on the network for the same domain seems like a 
> logical solution.
> NT seems to work this way sometimes. I'm not sure about this
> particular case though.

I think this is probably a bad idea.

If I want to setup samba as "in charge" of a network I can do a variety
of things:
1. Wait for the PDC to crash or be rebooted and bring up the PDC then.
I'm in charge and HARD as hell to find. - and the real NT PDC will
probably throw a fit.

2. Start up a DHCP server and become the DHCP server, then tell the hosts
that I am their WINS server and infect the WINS cache saying the Samba
server is PDC and in charge.

So samba wins again.

the ultimate solution to this problem is relatively simple but hard to get

ditch elections.
they are evil.
computer networks should be authoritarian.
the admin places some server(s) in charge and everyone obeys them nicely.


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