Samba Password Aging Support

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Mon Oct 11 13:32:53 GMT 1999

> Now I have the follwing questions:
> 1) Is there or will there be support for password aging for NT
> Workstations
> in Samba in the near future?
> 2) How do the network packets exchanged during logon between a NT
> workstation and a NT domain controller change when the password is
> expired
> (is it only a small change that indicates the expired password or is it
> very
> complicated)? Are there any resources/documentations?
Why don't you just monitor the shadow age field with a cron job every nite
and set a perl/win32 script that notifies the user at logon of their
password age. If they refuse to change it it disables their smbpasswd
logon account (smbpasswd -d)

that would be "the unix way" hehe


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