Samba Password Aging Support

Alexander Remesch AR at
Mon Oct 11 11:09:27 GMT 1999

We would like to have support for password aging in our Win NT network
controlled by a Samba 2.0.5a box (we've tried the CVS-version too). The
is to have the same procedure implemented (being requested to change it
logon) as with a Win NT Server when your password is expired. The source
the aging information could be either /etc/shadow or the smbpasswd file
(though I didn't find fields in there that are explicitly dedicated to
contain such information).

Now I have the follwing questions:
1) Is there or will there be support for password aging for NT
in Samba in the near future?
2) How do the network packets exchanged during logon between a NT
workstation and a NT domain controller change when the password is
(is it only a small change that indicates the expired password or is it
complicated)? Are there any resources/documentations?

Since most work has already been done to achieve above feature (NT
logons are working and changing the Samba and Unix password from your NT
workstation is also working), I believe it could be fairly easy to just
the missing link in the logon procedure (recognizing the expired
and then sending this info to the NT workstation while branching into
already present code for changing the password).

Any help or information on this would be greatly appreciated.

Alexander Remesch

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