Corporate Reactions to Linux (fwd)

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Sun Oct 10 11:20:39 GMT 1999

This type of thing is a real problem, especially in academic environments.

Its not that (most) people are stupid, its more lack of awareness.

Users still think of a desktop computer as being confined to the desktop
and think of network use as comparable to making a phone call. 

I think many people extrapolate their knowledge of their home computer use into a professional 
environment and come unstuck big time. It is difficult, in a situation where "independence" is 
fiercely defended, to convince users that they should conform to a set of conventions that
restrict their freedom to configure things however they like. ( and even more
difficult to explain this to managers ;-) - I've had many "Dilbert" moments)

Maybe there needs to be a computer health warning a la tobacco health warnings
in a file in the Samba 2.1 pre alpha distribution?.. along the lines

WARNING - Careless configuration of ANY server software can damage your NETWORK HEALTH

or pr'aps its there and I haven't read it :-)
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> Pretty scary how stupid some people are.
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